In July 2015, the meeting of young, brilliant and inquisitive minds gave birth to Blog Oxygen – An online rescue team set out to help bloggers and site owners who do not have a large budget and who do not want their brain child to die. We came, we were accepted, and the dream of serving you became a reality.

“If your idea doesn’t give birth to competition, then you should go back to the drawing board” – Anonymous.

And in truth, our idea did give birth to competition. But asides the fact that you can’t have anything like the original – once it’s not the original, it’s not the original; here are five out of many other reasons why we give others a run for their money.

1. SPEED AND ACCURACY: In truth, balancing between these two is very technical but we’ve done our ground work and chosen the best hands for the job. So when we give an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) on a project, don’t think it was a typo. Whether the service is article delivery or web design, we deliver on or before our ETA and every one of our clients know this.

2. CLIENTS’ SATISFACTION: We are not satisfied until you are. That is the exact reason we might still be on your project even after your project tenure has lapsed. If there’s anything we struggle with self-control over, it is client’s satisfaction. We try as much as possible to tailor our services to suit every clients need.

3. AFFORDABLE SERVICES: Not everyone can afford the same thing and that’s why we have the most flexible kind of service. How far your pocket allows you to go is not a barrier with us. Just tell us what you can afford and we’ll do everything possible to make sure you get value for that amount you have in your budget. Ours is not a business of rigidity.

4. SERVICE BEFORE PAYMENT: Talk about paying after checking out what you like. We don’t ask for payment before service. We either ask you to pay after your services are delivered or we ask for milestone payment. This allows for flexibility in payment and jumping the hurdle of financial barrier. While we’re working on your project, you’re working on the payment.

5. DELIVERY QUALITY: Have you by chance met any of our clients? We have lots of feedback since we request for it and we can proudly say we are still maintaining our 100% positive feedback record. It’s a promise we made at the very start to be your best option and here we are, clients call us the best for less. Don’t blame them.

We’re expecting to have you on our list of happy clients so don’t just read, give us a test run.

Thanks for your time.

© BlogOxygen

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