The blogosphere is a really large space and not only large in its essence, but large and busy. On a daily basis, more than a lot happens in it. It’s probably the busiest place in the world. Bloggers, Site owners trend and groom their site on a daily basis, millions of transactions are carried out, products get launched, and also on that same daily basis, new bloggers and site owners are welcomed and some sites and blogs are buried – R.I.P

Taking adequate welfare of a blog or site needs more than site design, needs more than content, needs more than SEO, needs more than grooming and growing a social media community. It infacts needs a combination of a couple of things – just like learning to drive whereby you don’t just get to know how to turn the wheel and feel ready to appear in fast and furious. Owning a site or a blog is serious business and if care is not taken, you would end up closing up shop, burying with the site and all the high hopes and anticipations that came with it at the beginning. You’ll feel worn out and abandoning it would be the visible and logical option.

A lot of sites have been shut down, blogs especially because proper welfare strategies were not taken before the launch of the site. That’s like reading a manual on how to fly a plane after take-off. The site seems colourful and bright at the start, posts and contents are diving in (at least ten posts daily), and the site logo is flying all over wherever space allows on the internet. Suddenly there is a decline. Posts are coming in once daily, that’s still manageable, time won’t allow the initial pace be kept, readers would understand… Then another decline – posts become once weekly and some apologetic posts sandwiched in between, readers are still trying to adjust and find room in their heart to forgive… and then bam! No post for like three months.

You see as a site owner, getting a hang of site welfare would definitely go a long in helping you maintain your site and over time if peradventure the right strings are pulled, boost up your site’s recognition level. Also, every site has the right to be known and garner unimaginable traffic but only a few actually understand how to go about it and that’s why after sometime of being the underdog, having your site known by just a few friends and family, no real traffic and nothing really excites you over the routine post and two comments by Mary and Joe, you get bored and exasperated by the site. You weigh your options, hardly come to any conclusion, shrug your shoulders and just embark on a journey of no return to your site that was once full of life. Dammit!

This post was intentionally not numbered out, just so keen readers can read in-between the lines and understand that the best (if not only way) to avoid saying a sad farewell to your blog/Site is definitely by hiring the services of a welfare team like BlogOxygen, when it seems like the workload is beginning to get overwhelming. It’s a more reasonable emergency call than opting for the escape route.

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