The advent of Social Media as described by many is the invention of the 21st century double edged sword. Meaning, the same toy in the hand of a child is the same weapon in the hands of a warrior. I guess I can bring a close to this article at this stage but I would love to help you a little bit further. Social Media was indeed nothing to be reckoned with just about a decade ago. The same social media is what some entrepreneurs basically live on today. An article for another day is; Social Media as a source of livelihood.

From the invention and introduction of plain platforms like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, to interactive platforms like Yahoo Messenger (We can’t but mention YM out of respect), BBM, Whatsapp, SnapChat, and so on, social media has become an invaluable asset to our lives in diverse ways and would still continue to serve more purpose than intended at the initial stage of introduction.

There are two kinds of people using Social Media: ‘The Social Users’ and the ‘Business Users’. Sometimes you’ll easily find the second group interwoven in the first but you’ll almost not find the first interwoven in the second. Confused? Here’s what I mean: People who use social media for the purpose of chatting with friends, catching fun and passing time; The Social Users, are almost never seen using it for any further purpose than that – let me be safe to say that’s the original purpose of Social Media. Now, taking a look at some of The Business Users, people like Sema Erzouki, Tinu Abayomi Paul, Anna Bennet, and so on, one would realize that even though they have harnessed the business potentials of Social Media, they most definitely would not totally discard chatting with friends, meeting people, and making new friends on those very same platforms.

Without meaning to sound mean, every hour you spend on any Social Media platform is the same hour some business somewhere is hitting limelight and incomes are hitting or rising above realistic set targets. Every time spent chatting and toying on any of these platforms, someone somewhere is smiling to the bank as a result of that same amount of time spent on that same platform. The difference between you and any influential Social Media person is information. Don’t look so bewildered, the point simply is that your level of information goes a long way in determining the exact purpose you use Social Media to achieve. For example, sometimes ago, I wrote an article on how to make money on Instagram and the number of views on that article exceedingly exceeded the number I was expecting.

What does that tell you, most people want to know how to make something financial off Social Media but aren’t informatively equipped enough to do so. They really want to switch Social Media from a social toy to a business weapon but they need the technically accurate manual on how exactly to do so, which in truth is not farfetched. It’s no stale gist that the owners of these platforms are billionaires but the real question directed to me and you as business minded entrepreneurs is “how exactly are you using these platforms?” “How much do you know about using these platforms to spring jump your business?” “How informed are you about investing time and money as a catalyst to the ROI of your business?”

Sincerely, if you are a business minded person, you either need to jump off some social media platforms or find a way to start making money off them. Believe me, your clients are everywhere and the Information Age’s Social Media is a business weapon that can save you the time, energy and resources of random adverts. Social Media can among many things help you gather your target audience in one place and give you what they call targeted ads. If you really want a change in the current status of your business, you need to start seeing Social Media not as a toy but as a very dangerous, technical, and sophisticated business weapon.

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