$50Billion sounds like an impossible or unrealistic amount of money but the good news is that the Online sector generates around and over that annually, dusting off he highly respected Health Sector with around $15Billion. The Online sector simply refers to the internet in its magnificence and totality. How much does one think is being circulated over the internet – daily, weekly, monthly and yearly? Here’s a brief mind boggling statistics to let you have an idea. Over the internet, (consisting of over 600 million websites) majority of the activities has become commercially inclined over the past decade. More and more financial technologies are gazumping majority of the highlighted sections on the internet and cash flow is something that is becoming more virtual as every second passes.

Before you finish reading this article, nothing less than a total transaction of $5Million would’ve taken place across various online platforms and that’s on the assumption that you’re not as slow as I am in reading or else we might be talking something in the double. How is this possible? It’s not Albert Einstein’s calculations at all. There are various commercialized sections on the internet, all paying and receiving money without respect to location and time difference. Little wonder the world’s richest person deals with computers.

Everything has gone and is still going virtual –

  • The Health and Fitness section.
  • The Advertising Agencies.
  • Information /Email Marketers.
  • Sports and Betting Section
  • Banking and Fiancé Companies.
  • Entertainment and Promotions.
  • Jobs and Recruitment Agencies.
  • TV, Radio and News Agencies.
  • Continue to add to the list…

You can go on and on without skipping a breath. The master stroke in the Online sector was the absorption of the Health Sector. Million and Millions of almost every bit of currency gets exchanged and circulated every day over the internet, simply because more and more people are waking up to the fact that life gets somewhat simpler, faster and smarter when the ‘e’ is involved.

Technology has indeed digitalized almost everything including money itself. That’s the exact reason millions of dollars can travel across various banks without anyone seeing any physical cash – when technology marries the internet (good title for a subsequent article I’ll work on.) The evolution of the Online sector is still a work in progress, and that’s where things get interesting. The time is beginning to dawn on us. Really, I know it has, since I went into a saloon that had a POS on the side of the cabinet. Meaning I could just get a clean shave and swipe my card on my way out. Can I call that a digital shave?

Developed countries aren’t resting on their oars; developing countries are doing the best they can to catch up, as the earth is becoming a much smaller planet through the help of the internet. But before I put a stop to this article, please be aware that there is enough money and resources in the Online sector to go round for everyone. You, making a couple of millions would not in anyway, deduct from my own revenue. That’s archaic thinking that needs immediate reorientation. You not only need to earnestly start tapping from the Online annual revenue, you need to begin working your way up to the top in whichever section of the internet you find yourself. Climb to the top of the “internecological” food chain. (Lol… yes, I made that word up ‘cos I can. Bite me).

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