Most writers know little or nothing about the connection between the kind of music they listen to and their flow as writers. Thing is, whether you like it or not, the type of music you listen to, goes some way in the ease or difficulty you experience in productivity as a writer. Music is food for the soul but like literally, not all foods are meant for the stomach and a delicacy in one culture is the taboo in another. Like the general saying goes, one man’s food is another man’s poison.

For instance if your best genre of music is rap and you always have your earpiece plugged to your ears, listening to hard core rap, you may struggle as a relationship writer. If you listen every time to blues or slows (whichever name goes well with the Céline Dion kind of music) you may struggle as a political writer or critic. Now don’t get me wrong –  Music doesn’t directly tamper with your creativity or anything and I’m not saying you have to change your taste in music to better your writing skills; but the result of a research carried out in Australia (2013) showed people to tend to write better at their kind of genre.

Personally, I don’t think this is rocket science. The mind is like a storage device and out of it comes the billions of words on your notepad. If you want to thrive as a health writer and your mind is filled with the musical food of rap (gangster, slow, west coast, hard-core, etc.) you might realize that your articles have a bias with whatever characteristics associated with people who listen to your kind of music.

Music in itself can affect a person’s characteristics and general behaviour and not only do you sometimes act like what you frequently listen to, you sometimes write a lot faster and better when it’s on a topic related to whichever music genre appeals to you. Writers have a lot of things going on in their subconscious; a few more than some many other people but it’s not until you become vast yourself or take a deep critical meticulous look from a third person perspective that your jaw would drop at the realization of your performance comparison on topics dancing around your favourite kind of music and topics that don’t relate at all.

Ok, before you ask what about someone like a technology or fashion blogger. What kind of constructive music can these people listen to? Answer is still the unsatisfying one I got when I asked the question myself. What you write on shouldn’t or wouldn’t dictate what you listen to and what you listen to, shouldn’t or wouldn’t dictate what you write on – you’re not programmed. The best solution to harness the best out of your favourite kind of music is to know what stokes the fur of your mind. What that means is, as a fashion blogger, if its rock that brings out your writing creativity, you shouldn’t begin blogging on Rock Music. Rather you might want to give it more preference over other genre of music when there are writing projects on ground.

A UK travel blogger sometimes ago revealed he can’t write jack without first listening to the Beatles. I’m not sure the Beatles have any song on people travelling from one place to the other but that’s what pulls his creativity strings. Study your music choice as it one way or the other affects your productivity as a writer.

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