Hi there, thanks for stopping by and it’s really impressive having you here, reading this. This post is actually for bloggers, site owners, content managers and guest posters. Some writers have the ability to write a piece that would make someone want to keep reading and roaming round the writer’s notepad or blog while some writers are just not fit for it at all. Whichever category one thinks he/she is, the number of positive and encouraging feedback on your post or guest post would be the judge of that – except your post centers around political, religious or ethnic issues that is.

So how does an aspiring writer, blogger, content manager or guest poster pull the nods of his/her readers? The answer is complicatedly simple – there is no specific way because we have different types of readers and trying to satisfy them would almost not amount to anything or would leave you feeling torn apart but there are some tips to make the reader, no matter the type, acknowledge the fact that you’ve done a good and satisfactory job.

KISS Principle – You probably have heard this before or probably not. KISS simply means Keep It Simple Stupid or Keep It Simple Straightforward. This rule applies to almost anything and writing isn’t an exemption. Keeping your articles simple without flaunting your grammatical authority and straightforward without taking your readers on a merry-go-round is one of the keys to making readers pay attention and also come back or roam for your other works. Funny enough, even as much as I love reading, there are times when long complexly written articles put me off and I’m sure the same goes for you too sometimes. So you might want to start keeping your articles precise, captivating and short but not lose its direction or content in the process.

There are some important checkpoints to consider when writing that would definitely come in handy if you’re serious about getting readers to not only have a positive perception of your skills but also want to read more of your works.

Catch Phrases – The title of your post is all some readers need to see to move past and on to the next. Believe it or not, over sixty percent of readers read out of curiosity. What would make them curios? The title or sub title of your article. Killer catch phrases are the box-in you need to make readers want to know what exactly you have as content. If generating gummy post titles isn’t one of your strong points, you might want to start working on it.

Paragraphs – Let’s say paragraphs and numbering or bulleting. Believe it or not, paragraphed articles ALWAYS look shorter than ones without paragraphs. Reason is this: muddling makes thing look more and burdensome. The same number of cloths scattered across the room, if neatly folded might just fit into a wardrobe rack. You get the drift? Another thing is paragraphs subconsciously helps readers catch their breath while without paragraphs, it looks as if you’re shoving your article down their throats. It’s time we make it a habit of paragraphing our articles, bulleting or numbering when necessary. It also helps you as a writer to write faster and I’m saying that from experience.

Exchange Positions – The mistake we make as writers sometimes is we fail to put ourselves in the reader’s shoes. A lot of quality and original contents are written daily but only a few get the green thumb and if you ask why, I’ll say the writer probably did what is called “selfish writing”. Consider your readers in terms of your word arrangements, don’t write like you’re thinking out loud and don’t assume your reader has all the time in the world to spread a mat with your article. The truth is, most readers stumble upon your write up.

Two way lane – Whichever pronoun you choose to use, either first or third person, we must always give room for the two way rule. That is, a conversation like article. Like I said up there, don’t write like you’re thinking out loud. Write like you’re having a conversation and that is the secret to writer-reader flow. It’s only a matter of time before your readers get lost or bored if you don’t follow the two lane principle. You understand? I know it’s a tricky treat when we write first person pronoun articles (“I” articles) but you still must find a way or else you’ll have lost half your readers before you land them at the destination.

Creativity – This is definitely worthy of a post on its own and sincerely, discussing about creativity in writing is not even totally appropriate because everyone is the potter of his own clay. But the less creative a write up is, the less come-back ratio its likely to get. Creativity is a writing core you’ll definitely struggle without. From your post title to your content, even to the backlinks generated to direct readers to your piece, creativity must ooze from every possible angle.

Cheers to your writing success.

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