“Blogging Goldmine”, “Blogging tricks like ABC”, “Easiest way to make money online”, “smile to the bank blogging”, add yours. Those titles amongst others are the ones information marketers give blogging. Some even go as blasphemous as saying “How to put money in your bank account before the end of the week”. LMAO!… Yea, I’m literally laughing, even though I typed that just now. You know information marketers can be ridiculous at times but what can I say, they have to sell their stuffs too and if being ridiculous moves the product and increase the sales, I might give ridiculousness a try too. Lol!

Seriously, blogging isn’t blocking (You know, when two lovers arrange a meeting at a picked rendezvous, we called it blocking). Before we continue, let me quickly say this: This article you’re reading is the article of someone who promised himself to never ever put neither ink to paper nor finger to keyboard. A couple of months later, I can’t specifically say the number of articles I’ve written after that promise. Without boring you any further, let me quickly use myself as the specimen and mention a few blogging demon I’ve exorcized.

The first thing that has rendered many blogs paralyzed and almost got me was the demoralizing fact that somebody (I mean the Information Marketer) lied. When new bloggers realize blogging is almost the direct opposite of what the Info Marketer said it is, the skyrocketing morale begins a nose diving journey. Money is not coming in like they said it would, or it’s not even coming at all. It’s either you love writing or you abandon your blog and flee. If you think money is still the motivating factor why people blog these days, you’re mistaken. The first motivation for keeping our blogs alive is the love for writing things down. Blogging just comes as a way or a means of sharing what we’ve written and letting others into the unpredictable world of our thoughts. And that’s with an exception to some celebrity “copy and paste” bloggers.

Another challenge is what every writer experiences. Note that I didn’t use the word “was” just because I still face that challenge and would gobsmack any writer who claim not to be facing the same challenge – The Writter’s Block. I sometimes call it Scarcity of Words but in reality, the words are there, it’s just a hang. You know there is something you want to write, you put your pen on your note pad and voilà!… “                                                                             .” You’ve written that much in just an hour. Great job!

There’s nothing to do to prevent writers block but if you take time to study yourself, there are things to do to ease your way out of it. After facing their second or third Writer’s Block, some fantastic blog owners dump their blog and shy away from it.

(You can check out the article I wrote on writer’s block somewhere on this site.)

Comparison was also one of my major challenges then. I had a couple of friends who were into celebrity blogging. The “one news, one thousand sites” type. Once you read a news on Jane’s blog, don’t bother checking Kevin’s except you got the time and data to reread the same story all over again. But personal bloggers have to keep coming up with original content and articles. We sometimes subconsciously compare ourselves to celebrity bloggers, who have the easy copy and paste or short review then download tasks and it be morale zapping.

There are also other ones like minimal audience; you know it’s like putting oneself on the podium. That’s what blogging does. Some people who read your blog already have an idea of how you’ll be if they meet you in person. But the lack of audience or in a more technical term – Traffic was discouraging to me. *shrugs*

Let me not bother expatiating into the nichelessness of my blog when I started, before I later knew I had to streamline it to specifics. Most personal blogs are really guilty of that. We blog about anything, any time.

In all, there are also a lot of things I’ve learnt blogging over the years which I’ll share in subsequent posts cos you know what they say: “In every challenge lies a lesson”. Blogging hasn’t been a hundred percent fun and that’s coming from a gun blunt guy who won’t blink while giving you the ‘doctor’s report’ but we both know how you get use to things with time… And with time, here we are.

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