Instead of pouring out a list of successful bloggers, a really long list that is, I’ll just quickly take you through a few ways a blogger makes money. You might have seen something like this a hundred times but the question still remains: If you know it, why are you scared of trying it?

Blogging, contrary to some people’s opinion is capable of setting you down financially. While some people believe blogging is just a ‘little change on the side’ thing, some people have tremendously harnessed the potentials of blogging to their financial benefit. Stand in the circle of successful bloggers and take a really good look around. Many of those you see don’t have any other business or job except sitting down with their laptops and blogging.

“So?… Isn’t it because most of them are still single?”

“Can blogging really be relied on without doing something else?”

“Don’t be silly. Do bloggers even make that much money?”

And many other questions have I had the chance of putting to rest during my consultancy session with some prospects. Yes Sir’s and Ma’s. Bloggers make a whole lot of money, and let me briefly mention a few ways you may or may not know.

Selling of Ad spaces: This is quite different from your adsense, addynamo and what have you; but a simple scenario of when your site is surfing on the waves of traffic, selling as many as reasonably possible Ad spaces (that won’t deface your site) to Advertisers like your upcoming artist friend, your network marketing clients and so on. Some bloggers do make a lot of money on this one.

Selling of posts: There are not just sponsored Ads, there are sponsored posts. That’s for any business minded blogger to look into. This isn’t necessary charging guest bloggers for posting on your already traffic laden blog but for people with promotional ambitions. They send you the product description (or sample where necessary) you make a review and post for your readers to see and you get paid for it.

Selling of products: Are you into affiliate marketing and you already have a tangible amount of traffic endowed on your blog? Then you’re exactly the person I’m talking about. Subscribe to any of the legit and tangible affiliate programs, pick a product that’s somewhat related to what you talk about on your blog (money isn’t everything). You could make great sales from your readers who feel the product would be beneficial to them.

Building and selling: Some bloggers specializes in building and selling blogs to others. How does this work? They build a nice looking blog, groom it and gather enough traffic on both the site itself and its social media platform. Most of the time, the purchase of these kinds of blogs are done by organizations that don’t have time to follow the “build your blog’s presence from scratch”’ thingy. Instead, they buy readymade sites with a lot of daily visitors. People make cool cash from this too.

These amongst a few other creative ways are how bloggers make money off their blogs and resources. That’s why when next you want to question how true making money as a blogger is, we’ll tell you it’s as real as the device you’re reading this from.

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