Every site has a launch date and this is what you would like to refer to as “Site Birth”. All the millions of website in the blogosphere today were probably not even in the owners’ heads a couple of years back. What spurred the owner into that idea to join the online extended family? What can be said to be the considerations while the project was still u/c or when it was still just another idea?

Many people just drop a websites like its hot! No fore thought, no plan, no objective, no strategy. Don’t look surprised. Just believe it. They want help with their site but don’t even know what exactly the site stands for. It’s just like having a mall store space with a roll of groceries on one end, a saloon at the other end, a game station on another side and of course and paper dispatch on another side. No matter how wide the space is, one might still be forced to think: It’s either the owner is still trying his/her hands on different things or just plain confused.

A site is just the virtual version of a space in a mall. So what are some of the things to consider?

  •  Define your space ­– Creating a site/blog means there’s something you would like to offer to people. Might be for free or not but don’t leave the front of your virtual space undefined. Nobody likes it that way. If it’s a paper dispatch, don’t call in a hairdresser.
  • Follow your definition – If you define your space as a drugs/supplements store, people looking for pieces of jewellery would not even have it cross their minds to check inside. So once you have your space defined, don’t go misleading people.
  • Take time to organize – You don’t just start running a website with no clue on how to organize and manage it or else it won’t be long before the website starts running you instead. Organization is a vital part many bloggers fail to see through before site birth.
  • Prioritize – Please don’t get this mixed up with being organized. Some bloggers have good organization but upside-down priorities. Setting priority in an understandable form is knowing which area of your site you want to make a strong point; especially if you’re running it solo. You definitely can’t manage Ads, Social media, Post sharing, and so on, adequately. Prioritize which one lags for which.
  • Create awareness – This one is a strategy I’ve seen many big brands use over the years. Creating awareness here isn’t when the site is launched but before. Some brands have over five thousand likes on Facebook while their site says: “7days 4hours 17minutes 09seconds” to the launch of our great site. Note that it keeps counting down but awareness has wetted the taste buds of those who find prospect in what’s coming up. There is excitement in anticipation”. This is a really sleek Antenatal for the birth of the site.

The above mentioned can really determine how much stress you go through after launching your site but whatever the case may be, we all know it takes more than these to successfully run a blog/site.

Hoping and praying not to have discouraged anyone reading this, final note goes thus: Launching a site can be stressful, time and money consuming but believe you me, it’s really worth it.”

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