The blogosphere is a really large space. The largest, most competitive space ever known to the human race. The internet has made the world smaller and “Competition” a small word as there are around 861,379,000 websites in the world and that’s according to the respected Netcraft web server survey.

I’ve seen bloggers come and go, sites abandoned and some thriving sites now a haunted house with ghosts of the Freddy McMillian hovering around them but that’s a story for another day. Now, here are ten quick reasons, enthusiastic bloggers who at the sound of the gun are blasting off in Usain bolt mode don’t make it.

MONEY: Most blogs these days are not the blog owners’ idea but the info marketers’. They feed you with jargons about making $500 every week blogging and the prospect definitely looks interesting. Next thing, BAM! I’ve started my own blog only to realize $500 is not even realized in three months. Damn this Info Marketer. With all my 10 posts per day?! Somebody lied.

The truth is, blogs initially were just online diaries where people fill in logs on daily, weekly or monthly basis. The fact that it pulled readers was the appealing aspect to marketers and advertisers and that was where nosiness crept into simple writing and log filling. There are people making over a $1000 monthly from blogging but most of them aren’t the “start now, blaze off” blogs. Having money in mind would kill your morale faster than any other thing and that’s it came first. Enjoy blogging first.

LONE BLOGGING: Thinking you can do it all by yourself is like thinking you can build a house all by yourself. Of course, you can but believe me, it’ll take you years. Most (older) successful bloggers know this and are now hiring the services of trusted writers, ghost posters and content managers like as the blogger’s hand while they do as much as they can themselves. Most personal bloggers feel hiring writers aren’t necessary and that’s why out of 7 out of 10 abandoned or semi-abandoned blogs are personal blogs (I stand corrected).

PASSION: To be able to love what you do, you have to do what you love. Lack of passion for writing is another red flag. If it’s not just you, it’s not just you. You can only force it for a while. The struggle you face while doing what love can never be compared with when you have no love for that thing in the first place. Yes, even while doing what you love, there are times you struggle but the passion is what makes you come out on top. If your heart is not in it, you’ll be doing yourself a big favour by either leaving it or finding people to help you hold it together.

NICHE SELECTION: When starting up, select a wrong niche and you just might have killed the blog even before it’s acceptance into the blogosphere. Don’t because everybody is jumping on a particular niche join the bandwagon. The number one thing that should guide you is your area of interest. I keep telling people this. Are you thrilled by technology, tweaking, and tinkering? Why then would you be blogging about celebrities? Are you a sports fanatic? What exactly would you then be telling your readers on that fashion blog? Got the drift?

POOR POSTS: There are poorly designed blogs with millions of monthly visitors and mechanized robotically designed ones with a couple of hundreds. The difference is the content and not the container. As much as neat blog design is necessary, poor posts would do you no good in keeping visitors returning to your blog. This has nothing to do with how good of a writer you are but how you can tweak your posts to keep your audience in Oliver Twist mode. Check out this post: HOW TO KEEP THEM COMING on‘s interactive section.

Having said those, two facts remain: 1.) Blogging is capable of settling you down financially. 2.) Blogging is complicated and not as easy as Information Marketers paint it to be…

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